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Disability Insurance

Disability insurance provides an extra layer of financial protection by replacing your income when you cannot earn it due to a disabling illness or injury.

  • Disability income insurance provides an income if you happen upon a long-term injury or illness.
  • Employer-sponsored policies often offer only a percentage of your current income.
  • Benefits received are income-tax-free by paying for a policy with after-tax dollars.

A sudden illness or injury could prevent you or your spouse from working. It could result in a loss of income and additional expenses that come with such a disability. Employer-sponsored group disability insurance policies, personal savings, and even Social Security disability benefits may fall short of providing all the income you depend upon.

An individual disability income policy can:

  • Replace a higher percentage of your earned income
  • Cover bonus income
  • Provide benefits tax-free

Suppose you pay your premiums with already-taxed money; any payouts given to you will be income tax-free. Additionally, retaining your coverage gives you more control.

Your financial advisor may help you ascertain the disability income insurance that is appropriate for you. Your financial advisor can help you choose the right coverage based on:

  • Benefit amount. The proportion of your monthly income that you replace.
  • Length of time before benefits start.
  • How long will the benefit last.
  • Definition of disability. This can be the most critical part of a policy.

To determine the type and amount of disability income insurance that is right for you, talk to Julie Whitehead, New York Life Insurance Agent.

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