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Life insurance must be the basis of your plans to provide financial security, comfort, and stability for your family. Life insurance aims to provide your loved ones with financial protection and coverage after you die in exchange for the premiums you have been paying your insurer throughout your lifetime. Most life insurance policies are designed to provide you with financial coverage for a stipulated duration. Other insurance policies, on the other hand, offer a living benefit and accumulate cash value, which can be used for any purpose. It is with the hope of supplementing funding for a child’s education, retirement income, or cash for emergencies.

Some of the regular life insurance policies include:

Term life insurance provides coverage for a definite period at a lower cost than permanent insurance. Most term life insurance policies allow you to convert them into permanent ones, like whole life insurance. Usually, the cost of insuring oneself increases over time, so it’s essential to optimize your short- and long-term needs for financial security and coverage when selecting a policy.

If the policy remains in force, permanent life insurance provides you with financial protection for the remainder of your life. Due to the flexibility of products from permanent life insurance, you can purchase several types of policies.

Whole life insurance benefits include guaranteed fixed premiums, a guaranteed death benefit, and guaranteed cash value growth. With whole life insurance, your premiums never increase as long as they’re paid. The policy has living benefits, which may enable you to access the policy’s cash value for any purpose while you’re alive.

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